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Nights of the Dead Returns!

Nights of the Dead, the annual EverQuest II celebration of all things spooky, is slated to start October 9th on live servers. Your faithful ZAM staff have been risking their lives on Test to bring you dire warnings!

This year brings back all your favorites, from the Haunted Mansion to the Hedge Hollow. New this time around is a quest from Setri Lur'eth in Nektulos Forest, two achievements, and pumpkin bombs with prizes inside! See if you can get all the new collections and earn the right to be titled "The Pumpkin King!"

Should you need a hand to hold in the dark (or just want to know where gumdrops drop), ZAM's got it all. Start with our Nights Of the Dead Guide, and keep track of all your alts with our popular Nights of the Dead Quest Tracker!

EverQuest II: Unscheduled Downtime

EverQuest II has announced an unscheduled downtime this evening:

We'll be bringing US servers offline shortly to resolve some outstanding issues. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately one hour

Holly Longdate, EQII Senior Producer, has been giving updates via Twitter. The latest said:

Servers are coming down shortly (within 20min). Downtime broadcasts are in-game also. Should be down for about an hour.

You can check EQ2 Server Status here.

EverQuest II: Get Ready for 100!

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a "Get Ready for 100" bonus program to ramp up for the next EverQuest II expansion, Altar of Malice! Beginning Tuesday, October 7 at 12:00pm PDT and running through Monday, November 10 at 11:59pm PDT, players can receive bonus experience, double Etyma, and a chance to obtain some awesome items in game!

EverQuest II Downtime Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 7:00 AM PDT, wiith a one hour estimated downtime. All EU EverQuest II Live Serverswill be brought offline on Tuesday, October, 2014 at 7:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM London Time), with an estimated downtime of two hours.

The patch notes are below.

SOE Maintenance: October 8, 2014

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a system-wide maintenance on October 8, 2014. Account and commerce maintenance will begin at 6:00 AM PDT on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, and is excpected to take less than two hours. Actual downtime for services should only last 15-20 minutes within this maintenance window.

This will impact the following SOE services:

  • Account management
  • Commerce functions, including purchases
  • Game, web and forum logins

Here's our handy Time Zone Conversion Tool to help you plan.

Double Personal Status Weekend

EverQuest II All-Access Members will enjoy double personal status this weekend!

The Members-Only double personal status bonus begins Friday, October 3rd at 12:00pm PDT, and runs through Monday, October 6 at 11:59pm PDT. Double personal status will also be reflected when your guild gets its cut!

Join the discussion about the bonus on the official forums.

EverQuest Next: A Life of Consequence

As players continue to construct items and build epic structures in the Landmark Beta, Sony Online Entertainment released its latest video with new details surrounding its upcoming AAA MMO, EverQuest Next. Join the game's Lead Content Designer, Steve Danuser, and Storybricks Lead Designer, Stéphan Bura, as they explain how player choice and emergent AI will shape the world and lead to a life of consequence within EverQuest Next.