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Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview

The Tenets of Hate, led by Lanys T'Vyl, the power-crazed daughter of Innoruuk, have formed a plan that will surely deliver destruction upon both Norrath and the pantheon alike. They must be stopped, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice!

Desperate, and with great reservation, a small council of gods have formed a plan for salvation. Mortals must, once again, will be allowed to enter the Celestial Planes! Druzzil Ro, goddess of the arcane arts, has opened her realm, the Plane of Magic, as a new destination for the Ulteran Spire network.

Here, you will become empowered by the lands as you venture through them, explore their wonders and breath-taking sights, and forge relationships with their residents: the Pakiat and Allyrians. The Pakiat are a pride of sphinxes who came to the celestial realm of magic, long ago, along with their aluxob minions.

The Allyrians are a race of Druzzil Ro's own creation, split into two opposing houses: Yrzu and Vahla. Any of the three groups are willing to work with outsiders, as long as they are willing to prove themselves. But be warned, as they are opposing factions, they will not take kindly to those who attempt to work with any of the other inhabitants of the Plane of Magic at the same time.

Druzzil Ro, and all of Norrath, is counting on you, and your perseverance! Prove your mettle here, and you'll be granted entry to the other Planes of Prophecy!

Are you ready to embark on a new journey into the Planes, adventurer? Planes of Prophecy is scheduled to launch on November 28, 2017, and you can pre-order the expansion now!

Plus, if you're an All Access Member, you'll also recieve an additional 10% off of the expansion pre-order and more! You can learn more about All Access perks here.

Update Notes: Tuesday November 7, 2017



Corrected an issue with the Illusion: Clockwork Calamity that prevented adventure stat increases from applying to characters below level 60.

Gear Up, Level Up Week 6

Another loaded week of Gear Up, Level Up bonuses has arrived!

From 12:01AM PT on Monday, November 6, 2017, up until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, November 12, 2017 ALL players on Live Servers will be receiving double loot AND double Proving Grounds Currency! 

If you're playing on a Progression Server, this week you'll be granted double status!

Get adventuring, Norrathians, and make use of these perks while you can!

Update Notes: Wednesday October 25, 2017


  • Increased experience point gain on the Fallen Gate server.

Update Notes: Tuesday October 24, 2017


  • Illusion: Clockwork Calamity may no longer be used in the Proving Grounds.


  • The Freeport quests On a Boat and Betrayal By Boat now offer a bow reward to Channelers in the 60-69 level range.
  • Shortbow of Kain and Shortbow of Bayle are now usable by all scout classes, and have been added to the city vendors.

Update Notes: Tuesday October 17, 2017

The Djinn Masters Prism

  • Decreased damage on Rage of the Djinn.


  • Level 50 and 60 Hex Doll stats have been updated to match similar gear.

Gear Up, Level Up Week 3

A new week of Gear Up, Level Up has arrived!

From 12:01AM PT on Monday, October 16, 2017, to Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 11:59PM PT ALL players on Live Servers will be granted double loot! If you also have an All Access membership, you'll also receive double Ascension XP!

Players on Progression Servers will be see a double Familiar drop rate!

Be sure you make the best of these bonuses - after Sunday, they'll be replaced with different perks! Don't forget to check back so that you can make the most of Gear Up, Level Up.